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Adipex is the trade name of Fentermina, a well-known psychostimulant drug of the chemical class of amphetamine sold in the United States. Adipex / Phentermine is used as an appetite suppressant and as an adjunct to exercise and reduce caloric intake in the short term. Being a drug requires a prescription to be purchased and can only be used for short periods of time.
Adipex can also have serious side effects, including: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and other disorders. In some cases among those who used Adipex the following problems were found: pulmonary hypertension and cardiac valvular disease. This dietary supplement drug should not be taken by taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. For all the side effects related to adipex we will refer to the following paragraph. Adipex – Side effects
Adipex or better phentermine were marketed starting from 1959. Phentermine became a part of the Fen-phen drugs which was later withdrawn from the market in 1997 due to the serious side effects associated with the use of this drug. In 2012, a new FDA-approved adipex drug was marketed and sold on prescription.
In 2016, adipex / phentermine was the number 226 drug in the list of the most prescribed drugs in the United States of America and over 2 million people have used it to lose weight and / or burn fat.

Phentermine and Adipex History

In 1959, phentermine received approval from the FDA for its marketing as a drug to treat weight loss.
The first drug containing phentermine was sold under the name Fen-Phen and allowed to suppress appetite and burn fat. In 1997 due to the serious side effects related to the use of Fen-Phen, this product was withdrawn from the market and its trade was banned by the FDA.
Subsequent studies showed that almost 30% of those who took fe-phen for up to 24 months had abnormalities in the heart valve.
Currently, only Fentermina can be sold in the United States only by prescription and its use must be limited to a short period.

Adipex is the trade name of a Phentermine-based drug. Adipex can only be purchased with a prescription.

Adipex is usually prescribed for people who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher or for those who despite having a BMI of 27 or higher have a risk of gaining weight for problems such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Adipex Side Effects

Adipex has several side effects and it is possible to use Adipex only on prescription and for a short period of time.

Among the secondary effects of adipex we find:

  • Vertigo,
  • dry mouth,
  • difficulty sleeping,
  • irritability,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea or constipation.

This medication can also increase blood pressure.

Other secondary effects related to the use of adipex are:

  • fast / irregular / heartbeat,
  • mental / mood alterations (eg agitation, uncontrolled rage, hallucinations, nervousness), uncontrolled muscle movements.

Other serious side effects related to the use of this drug are:

  • severe headache,
  • weakness on one side of the body,
  • changes in vision (for example, blurred vision).

This medication can rarely cause severe (sometimes fatal) lung or heart problems (pulmonary hypertension, heart valve problems).

The risk of having these side effects increases with prolonged use of adipex and if you use this product along with other drugs to lose weight.
Other side effects could be:

  • chest pain,
  • difficulty breathing with exercise,
  • decrease in operating capacity,
  • fainting,
  • swelling of legs / ankles / feet.

Allergic reactions related to the use of this dietary supplement are rare but not impossible, some of the allergic reactions that can occur are:

  • rash,
  • itching / swelling (especially of the face / tongue / throat),

Adipex Ingredients

The active ingredient in phentermine slimming pill is a stimulant drug that is very similar in amphetamine composition. This medication belongs to the class of drugs anorectics. Drugs in this category work on your central nervous system and suppress your appetite. This way you lose weight by eating less. Phentermine can create addiction, so the drug is used for very short periods.

Adipex used

Adipex is a drug that can only be used on prescription and under the instructions of a doctor. It is important to carefully read the instructions given on the drug label. The doctor prescribing adipex may increase or reduce the doses suggested according to the patient’s needs.
Adipex is usually taken before breakfast or an hour or two after breakfast, but it always important to refer to what the doctor said.
Taking more capsules than those suggested by the doctor can cause serious side effects.
As an appetite suppressant, the effects of appetite suppression can fade within a few weeks at the end of Adipex’s asunction.
Phentermine/Adipex can create addiction.

It is important to store the product in a dry and dark shelter away from the heat sources. If someone decide to discontinue using Adipex, he/she must first consult with the doctor.

Adipex over the counter (OTC)

Adipex is a drug that can only be used behind a prescription. Those who use Adipex must follow the doctor’s instructions scrupulously.
Being a prescription drug, buying adipex over the counter is not possible and is a crime. You should always be wary of the sites that sell Adipex without a prescription since they are committing a crime and the product sold may not be the real adipex.
Always purchase Adipex in regulated and official pharmacies, in case you can buy alternatives to adipex that do not require a prescription.

Online you can find several sites that promote adipex over the counter or that promise to sell adipex without a prescription. These sites are committing a crime and very often they do not sell the real adipex but an OTC alternative that has nothing in common with the real adipex.

Always consult a doctor before starting a diet plan. The doctor will be able to suggest you if adipex is the best choice for your needs or there are alternative weight loss drugs.

Buy Adipex Online

Buying Adipex online is only possible if you have a prescription. There are several sites that allow you to buy Adipex online but we always recommend to turn to physical and regulated pharmacies. Buying Adipex without prescription is a crime.

Is it worth buying Adipex online?
Adipex is one of the most sold weight loss product and there are hundreds of websites that promise to sell adipex at a lower price than what is found in pharmacies.
You need a prescription in order to buy adipex (online or offline) and companies who sell adipex without prescription are companies that have not been controlled by the FDA. Buying this drug online on websites not approved by the FDA is a serious risk to the health.

Adipex reviews

Online you can read several reviews about Adipex and they are generally positive. Obviously the results can vary depending on people. The Everydayhealth site has over 600 review regarding adipex with an average of 4 out of five stars. The drug therefore seems to work effectively for those who wish to suppress appetite and lose weight.
There are some negative reviews explaining how the drug didn’t help the one who used it to lose weight. In some cases the negative reviews are due to the side effects associated with the intake of adipex (dry mouth and insomnia). Adipex is a medication that requires a prescription before being purchased and it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions before using it.

Adipex Cost

The cost for Adipex-P 37.5 mg is about $103 for a supply from 100 capsules. The price varies according to the pharmacy where you are going to buy Adipex. The prices are only for the other United for customers who pay cash. The 30-Pill pack has a cost of $23,78. Online you can buy Adipex at a lower cost but we do not recommend the purchase of Adipex online because certain sites do not respect the safety and quality specifications imposed by the FDA.

37.5 mgAdipex-P oral tablet cost (average):

Quantity Per unit Price
30 $0.79 $23.78
100 $2.26 $225.67


Adipex coupon

Online you can find several coupons to buy Adipex at a lower price than the standard one. We always recommend to buy Adipex from safe and controlled sites. Adipex requires a prescription from the doctor to be purchased.

What is the defference between Adipex and Phetermine

Adipex is the name of a brand consisting of the generic phentermine drug.
Phentermine is the generic name of the slimming drug created in 1959 and according to few statistics turns out to be the dietary drugs most prescribed in the United States. Since 959, year in which Phentermine has been approved by the FDA, hundreds of people each year have used this drug for appetite suppression. Adipex is a most recent slimming drug based on phentermine. Adipex contains the same active compound of phentermine which is known by the name of phentermine hydrochloride. Transmitted ingredient is an atypathetic appetite suppressant goes to act on the brain.
Being a drug that acts on the brain the Phentermine and Adipex should only be used for a short period of time and only extended by a doctor.

Adipex and Phentermine differ in terms of formulation of the drug especially as the amount of “mg” present in each capsule. The Adipex brand sold ij the USA by Gate Pharmaceuticals has 37,5mg. Phentermine is available in several other “mg” formula.
All add up, Adipex and Phentermine share the same side effects being made with the same active ingredient.

In Summary:
Adipex is a brand name while phentermine is a generic name for Adipex.
Adipex is a newer slimming pill than phentermine.
Adipex is mainly available only in the formula from 37.5 mg while phentermine has more choices.

Adipex Weight Loss Result

According to the National Institutes of Health, people who use adipex lose around 5 pounds. It is important to underline that a lot of peope who have used adipex to lose weight will regain the weight lost unless they makes drastic changes to their lifestyle.

There are not many long-term studies on adipex and the drug is not used for more than 12 weeks.
In 1968 there was a 36-week study of 108 obese women. In the study the 108 women took 30mg adipex medication. Patients who took adipex lost about 12-13 kg compared to those who took a placebo who lost only 5 pounds. However, the study is not very indicative because 59% of the participants did not finish the study.

Adipex Alternative

Adipex is among the most requested and most prescribed weight loss drugs in the United States. Since you need a prescription to be purchased it is not suitable for everyone. Onlineit is possible to find several alternatives to Adipex that can be purchased without a prescription. Even in the pharmacy you can find slimming and fat burning products that allow you to lose weight as with adipex. Of course, like all weight loss products, it is important to talk to your doctor first before buying any slimming product or adipex alternative.

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