Do you want to buy a slimming pill or a slimming product but are you afraid of being the victim of some scam?

scam products weight lossFear is understandable as there are companies on the slimming products market that are not very serious and in same case they are even illegal.

For years, many potential customers have been scammed on sites that promised an effective weight loss product but the product sold was useless, many others instead after paying for the desired product or did not receive the order or received a different product from the one bought.
So we decided in this article to help you understand when a weight loss product is safe and effective and is also sold by a serious company or not.

There are different types of scams on the web and in the market of products to lose weight, we see the main ones.
Most common scams inherent to slimming products are:

So let’s see in detail this type of scams involving slimming products.

Free samples of the slimming product

This type of fraud has exploded in recent years but it seems that the judicial authorities are finally moving in order to protect consumers.

How it works:
the scammer create a homepage by offering a free sample of the slimming product. The site always shows ads or images of the type: product advertised on TV, Recommended by doctors around the world, reviewed by a well-known scientific journal etc.

The whole site is created to give the image that the slimming product is very popular among the people and that it is endorsed by doctors and magazines in the sector. This leads the visitor to believe that they are facing a reliable and serious weight loss product and then click on the various banners of the site that invite people to try the product.

The page to finalize the purchase is made in order to make you believe that you will only pay the shipping costs, generally a few euros or dollars and then you will receive the desired product. But is it really like that?

ABSOLUTELY NO, the truth is that once the order has been processed these scammers, first of all will charge the cost of the product along with the costs of shipping and more each month you will receive the product to lose weight (even if you are no longer interested ) and your card will be charged accordingly from month to month. It’s really a nightmare then cancel this offer or contact companies that organize this type of scam. In many cases the only solution is to ask the bank to block the card used for payment. Never order from a site that offers you a free sample of the weight loss product paying only the shipping costs. It is a scam which is then difficult to get rid of.

Fake news sites

Here is another very famous scam that needs to be very careful. Basically the scammers create a site giving it a very authoritative image or by copying the colors and format of famous sites (CNN ecc). In these sites there are made video-style news where a host announces to have discovered a new miraculous weight loss product. Also on these sites there is a banner of the sponsored product that invites you to try it maybe in free form (referring to the scam written above). The common thing about this type of sites is that they present the product as miraculous and promise you to be able to make you lose an incredible amount of weight by doing little effort.

Some common phrases are:

Lose weight without making effort!
Everyone will lose weight
The miraculous weight loss product
The discovery of the century!

If you come across a similar site and are interested in buying the claimed slimming product, we suggest you change your mind, you will surely be the victim of a scam!

Untrue reviews of slimming products

Unfortunately this remains a problem still very present online but we are sure that soon will be taken action on this. In this case there are two types of sites that offer untrue reviews of products to lose weight.
The reviews are made directly by the companies that sell the product. These companies / scammers, create dozens of websites reviewing the product sold positively but giving the image that behind all these sites there are different people, so the visitor is led to believe that dozens of people speak good of the slimming product. Unfortunately it is not so, you could find 100 sites and more always created by the same company in the top positions on the web that speak well of the product and maybe the only true (and probably negative) review of the product could be in the last pages of Google.

The second type of untrue reviews occurs when the company that sells the product offers the opportunity to other people (affiliates) to earn commissions by promoting their product. From here, here are born dozens and dozens of websites, managed by affiliates, who speak positively about the product, in order to earn a commission every time the customer purchases the product from their website.

Many times these links have banners and images that invite you to buy the product and once the visitor clicks on it is directed to the official page of the company that offers the product to lose weight. It is therefore possible to note that the many sites that positively talk about a product are not genuine and authentic but are created on purpose in an attempt to entice as many people to purchase. Reviews and testimonials are therefore not supported by truthful data but only by the hope of earning a commission from the affiliate. There is therefore the risk of buying a product that is not needed in order to lose weight but which offers very interesting commissions for those who promote it.


Fake testimonies

It is very difficult to understand this type of scam especially because slimming companies often hire non-professional actors for their testimonials. Many times there are images of people “before and after” using the slimming product. Although it is difficult to understand if these photos are authentic or not just do a quick search on Google to find in some cases the exact same photos on different producsts websites. In this case obviously they are fake testimonials. Sometimes the same picture of the same person who has lost weight with different names is on different sites. Be very careful therefore to this type of scam. Better a website with only one real testimony that one full of testimonials all taken from the internet. Unfortunately, this situation also occurs with video testimonies and not only with images. There are websites where you can hire people who claim the slimming product for a very small fee. Also in this case, be very careful reading the various testimonies of a weight loss product.


Pseudo-scientific language

There are some sites of slimming products that seem to be written with a very articulate language and with very complex technical terms, as if to make the reader believe that he was a competent doctor to have written them. To give a further scientific cut to the site you can find images of doctors who promote the product to lose weight. Always be careful when the site of a weight loss product uses overly scientific terms and / or accompanies them with the image of doctors who advertise the product. The website of a weight loss product should always be clear and use understandable words and terms, avoiding using misleading images created ad hoc.


Lack of contact information

If you do not find a contact page in a slimming product website then you are going to buy from a non-serious company or often from scammers. These companies do not allow the buyer to contact them in case of problems, complaints or just to get more information. Never buy a weight loss product on a website where it is not possible to quickly and easily find the way to contact the company that sells it.


Today we wanted to list some of the most popular scams related to the purchase of slimming products. So we advise you to pay close attention whenever you want to buy a product to lose weight!.

Scams and slimming products

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