The raspberry ketone is another of the many natural slimming products claimed by Dr. Oz as “a slimming miracle product”, but is it really like that?
First let’s see what the raspberry ketone is.

What is raspberry ketone?

The truth about raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketone is the natural phenolic compound found in red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). In simple terms, this chemical compound affects the smell of red raspberries. Until recently, raspberry ketone has been used primarily to make perfumes, but now the compound is sold as a slimming product.

The raspberry ketone has been touted as one of the best slimming product. The manufacturers claim that raspberry ketone helps to burn fat more efficiently and as a result lose weight. Before buy a bottle of raspberry ketone, we advise you to continue reading our article.

The raspberry ketone has never been tested on humans!

The sad truth is that raspberry ketone has never been studied on humans but only on some laboratory rats. You read correctly. To date, there have been no human studies showing that the Raspberry Ketone helps burn fat or brings any weight loss benefits. The studies have taken into consideration the classic laboratory mouse. A study on male mice and raspberry ketone, led to an increase in the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat cells that helps the body break down fat. The end result was that the mice had decreased body fat. In this study the rodents had been fed a high-fat diet with different amounts of raspberry ketones. Rats that received a higher raspberry ketone dose burned more body fat than rats who had taken a lower dose of raspberry ketone.

This is very interested, but we are talking about rats and not about being human. They are therefore very preliminary studies. Before buying a supplement, do not you think it’s better to test it on humans and not just on lab rats? What guarantees of safety can a supplement that has NEVER been tested on human?

Now let’s talk about the typical statements that are found in the sites that sell raspberry ketone and that are “Fat Burning”, “Lose up to 10 kilos a month” “seen on TV, burn fat without fatigue etc”. Now the use of these statements in addition to being false also demonstrates illegal behavior by companies that sell raspberry ketone. The FDA strictly regulates the claims that can be used during the sale of a weight loss product in order to protect the final consumer and avoid being the victim of any scams.

Read the raspberry ketone label well. The labels of a weight loss product can say a lot and avoid finding you the victim of any scams or slimming product harmful to health. Most raspberry ketone products are not produced in the US but in a laboratory of unknown provenance where it is difficult if not impossible to make sure that the ingredients used are safe and that the hygiene rules necessary for correct production are respected. Always check if the label is written in English without grammar spelling, if it is possible to identify the production lot number, where the raspberry ketone is produced, what is the name of the company that produces it, etc.

Most of the raspberry ketone products that are found online, are not manufactured in a FDA approved lab.

The truth about raspberry ketone