Are weight loss products promoted by Dr. Oz really able to make you lose weight?

Weight loss products and Dr. OzDr. Oz is a very popular American doctor and host, famous for promoting different slimming products on his television show.

In each episode of this show are explained new methods to lose weight, improve health and above all are proposed the best (according to Dr. Oz) Weight loss products.

The extract of green coffee beans, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone are all slimming products launched by Dr. Oz and promising to make you lose weight and burn fat quickly and easily.

Every month the new “miraculous weight loss product” is proposed in this show. But is it really like that? Are slimming products offered by Dr. Oz really able to make you lose weight?

The truth, unfortunately, is very far from what the famous American doctor wants us to believe.

The latest “scandal” related to a slimming product proposed by Dr. Oz has hit the products based on green coffee beans. This weight loss product was supported by irrefutable scientific evidence, evidence that a few years ago were withdrawn and retreated by those who had performed these scientific studies.

Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham, the researchers behind green coffee trials, have withdrawn their studies on this slimming product. This study was published in 2012 in the journal Diabetes, the study with the subject of green coffee beans and weight loss concluded that the green coffee did lose on average 18 pounds over 22 weeks to participants who had lent to carry out this scientific test. The study was funded by Applied Sciences Inc.

But what does it have of strange the study on this supposed slimming product and why it was withdrawn?

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against the company that followed this study, saying it paid researchers in India to conduct an experiment on green coffee beans. The FTC is based on three main points: (1) in the study the initial weight of the subjects participating in this experiment had been altered, (2) during the experiment some values were changed, such as weight loss, diet type etc. , (3) during the experiment it was not possible to establish unequivocally who took the slimming product and who a placebo.

In the complaint, the FTC also says that the two scientists, Vinson and Burnham, have rewritten the results of the Indian study without however rechecking the data received, despite having noticed several discrepancies and anomalies in the data in their possession.

Here is what Applied Sciences Inc, promoter of the study on slimming products based on green coffee extracts, reports.

“We withdrew the study because of errors related to the BMI chart, which indicates the body mass index of people, and why, the FTC pointed out that the information reported was inadequate both regarding the diet followed by the study participants, both as regards the doses of the slimming product used “

Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham stated that although they did not disclose the data, they still requested clarification from the Indian researchers about the conduct of this scientific test and that at no time had they thought that the data provided were fraudulent.

“Applied Sciences Inc knew or should have known that the study of slimming products made from green coffee extracts would not have been able to prove anything”

according to Jessica Rich, director of the FTC Office for the Protection of consumers that continues:
“In making known the (altered) results, it has helped to fuel the green coffee phenomenon (and consequently to blow up the sales of slimming products based on green coffee extracts)”

The FTC states that Dr. Oz has also played an important role in promoting the slimming pills in question. In light of what happened, the well-known presenter had to discredit the slimming product in question by publishing a note on the website.

This situation is not new for Dr. Oz, during the transmission has launched many weight loss products with the most high-sounding slogans and then after a few months he had to admit publicly that they had no use on weight loss. We want to invite all our readers to be careful when they decide to buy a slimming product rather than another and not to trust what is reported by certain television programs and by doctors who have no other interest but to drive sales of a particular weight loss product without however, check that these can really be useful to make you lose weight.

Weight loss products and Dr. Oz